Bohemian cut crystal E-shop — for your home. |

Bohemian cut crystal E-shop — for your home.

Bohemian cut crystal E-shop — for your home.

The familiar crystal tableware in the kitchen is always a constant refinement, good taste of the hostess and beauty in this or that holiday table setting. A classic style kitchen looks luxurious and expensive, but it does not necessarily imply a huge expenditure on repairs. Here it is important to know what you can and can’t skimp on.

Crystal glasses are famous for their crystal purity, hand-cutting and iridescent shimmering in the light. Czech crystal glasses from — bohemia cut crystal E-shop is a work of art, comparable to paintings, they are as beautiful as works of art!

Glasses are hand-blown and then cut by Czech craftsmen; depending on the decor, they can be painted gold or platinum in colors ranging from red, blue-yellow to purple and even black, as well as decorated with high malas. To view these products, visit

Throughout the 20th century crystal has experienced different times: once it was considered an attribute of a rich aristocratic home, then it turned into a Soviet heritage, which had nowhere to go and was a pity to throw away. Today the possibilities of the material are much wider: by carefully fitting such an elegant accessory into an interior you will get a bright accent, a vintage gloss, and a new lighting scenario.

The thin legs of glasses that seem to break under the weight of the upper part, solid thick-walled ceramic cups, elegant and aristocratic porcelain saucers, painted plates — without all these items it is impossible to imagine any home. Often, the dishes not only perform their basic function — serve during the meal, but also become an integral part of the interior. Of course, more often than not, tableware is only displayed in the kitchen and dining room, where it is particularly appropriate.

Several varieties of crystal are now used in interior design. Crystal vases are a trend in modern interior design. They are combined with completely different styles. Soviet vases of all sorts of shapes are placed on the dining table and on the coffee table. They are ennobled with flowers, dried flowers and other various plants. Designers often suggest using crystal tableware whenever you want to decorate your table in an original way. It is quite acceptable to combine dishes made of noble crystal with objects made of ordinary glass. The table will appear almost weightless and elegant. Use silver decorative elements and a white linen tablecloth.

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